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Well if you have been paying attention you would know I moved to London last year. It was on of the scariest and exciting moments of my life. I recently graduated from university, and I decided I wanted a job in London. I moved down South with my boyfriend, Josh, where we lived together with two friends.

BeccaBLC London

One year later and I have moved back to my home town, and I am living back in my family home – yay! I have been getting a lost of questions like – why I moved back to London? Why I moved there in the first place? and what is was like living in London? So, what better way that making a video about it? I created this video not just for me, but for those thinking about making the big move to London.

I really hope this video helps people, and I really wanted to give my honest opinion and advice. London can be a scary place, so it’s best you weigh up all the options. Oh, and be prepared money wise.

Sit back and enjoy xBecca Sig


Travel London | Tate Modern | Mustard Jacket & Floral Dress


View of London from Millennium Bridge

After a week of being ill, I finally ventured outside when I finished work for the weekend. Even though I live in London, I do get to explore it as much I want – my friends at work were baffled that I had never ever seen the Shard before. But since starting this blog, it’s gonna give me a kick up the arse to actually get out there and discover London in all its glory.

Today I had my visit to the Tate Modern. I am not a massive art buff, and I have not got a clue about modern art. But it’s pocket friendly (IT’S FREE!) and it’s a fantastic cultured day out in central London. I went with my boyfriend, Josh, who really isn’t into this kinda stuff. He likes his history and science and is not really an artistic person; so he wasn’t best pleased when I told him what we were getting up to on a Sunday. I remember him frequently saying that it’s going to be: “Pretentious as fuck.”


As we entered Tate Modern, there were big screens playing Shakespearian plays. I think it was something to do with it being the anniversary of his death and birthday yesterday. It was busy for a Sunday, so if you want to go when it’s quieter I’m thinking early weekday mornings would be great for some arty alone time. I was expecting to be quite bored and underwhelmed, but the exhibitions were actually very interesting. However, I was getting angrier by the minute by the sheer amount of people barging into me, and just being plain rude – but that’s London for you. There were original pieces from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein which was very exciting as I drew a lot of their art work back in my art GCSE age. I also really enjoyed pieces from Guerrilla Girls, feminist artists, who shine light on sexism in the art industry.



Me being arty

What I wore:  Today, the postman  delivered my Missguided mustard jacket that I have been lusting for weeks. So, obviously I had to wear it, despite it being 5 degrees and spitting all day. It was only £30 with a 25% student discount – bargain! I teamed it with a Topshop floral dress from their Autumn collection. I adore this pattern so much, I love it that much I also have the blouse version. The colours are so Spring 2016 and I keep falling back in love with it.


Jacket: Missguided £40 Dress: Topshop £55 Shoes: New Look £25 Bag: Charity Shop £3.00

So in the end, the Tate Modern was a great day out in London; I would highly recommend it. One critiscim would be, that you have to pay £10 extra in order to get into other exhibitions. You can pay a monthly fee for a Tate Modern membership so you can visit new exhibitions for free, but this can be pricey. But if you’re looking for something cheap and in the heart of the city, then this is the place for you.

Becca Sig

Moving to London | Cord & Moddolly


Dress: Moddolly

Welcome to my first ever post on my brand new blog!

Ok, so this blog has taken me a few months to get up and running but I wanted to make sure it was perfect before going live. So I’m very sorry for the wait people. Some of you may know that I moved from the North East to London in August 2015 – which was one of the biggest and scariest moments of my life. But along the way, I have met some amazing and fun people, as well as gained a lot of ideas and muses for my writing. BeccaBLC will be a place for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and my London adventures. I want to dip in the world of vlogging, so keep your eyes peeled for some videos coming very soon! I hope you guys enjoy reading BeccaBLC as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Lipstick: Rimmel London by Kate Moss

This dress is from Moddolly –  a tan, cord smock style dress that I am just in love with. I got this dress specifically for an Autumn style, but as Spring approaches this little number is perfect for this season too. Swap boots for some cute, tan brogues or loafers, then maybe swap tights for some little socks. I have found this Spring that pastels are so last year, it’s all about the bold and bright, not to mention mustards and oranges being big Spring 2016.


Loafers: New Look

Moddolly are a lovely, small business that hand-make all of their own clothing and will go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% a happy customer – and that is why I love them! I have a few pieces of Moddolly and each season from them never seems to disappoint. Right now, they have an amazing offer of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Pick a smock or pinafore and get a choice of your own absolutely free! You’re welcome.


Bag: Vintage Charity Shop

I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog for BeccaBLC!

Keep your eyes peeled for more personal style, my beauty favourites and a little bit of vlogging.

Becca Sig